The internet is a dangerous idea: debate 4 August, Edinburgh

The internet has unleashed the power of information. It can underpin or impinge on our rights and our freedoms; stimulate innovation or erode our expectations to privacy.

Tools that revolutionise the ways we collect, analyse, store and use data are freely available. They have the potential to bring the power of information to all. But while Corporations and Governments vie to exploit this power, it is increasingly clear that many – from intelligence agencies to individuals – believe that making all of the world’s information universally available is a dangerous idea.

“ISPs take legal action against GCHQ” for alleged illegal network intrusion.

“Facebook faces UK probe over study” investigating whether it broke Data Protection laws.

“Google removes Robert Preston article” following request under ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling by the European Court of Justice.

BBC News Technology Section, 3 July 2014

What are the rights of individuals, businesses and the State to access and process information? What are the responsibilities of Governments to respect and protect rights and freedoms online, as they do offline? And what does all of this mean for those who are not online?

Come and air your views at a lively debate on “The Internet: A Human Right” with Professor Michael Fourman, Chair of the RSE’s Inquiry into Digital Participation, on 4 August at Stand in the Square (St Andrews Square) at 15:40 (1hr).

Part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas 2014, tickets and further information can be found on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival website.

View trailer for the event.

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