Continuing the discussion: Summer 2014 events

We’re looking forward to continuing discussions on digital participation in Scotland at the following events in June. Most of these events are free and open to the public to attend, follow the links for more information.

  • June 5: Digital Leaders Scotland Salon, which this month focuses on digital participation – whose responsibility is this and how can we make it happen?.
  • June 16: SCVO’s Digital Scotland Festival 2014, Scotland’s first ‘unconference’ that will provide space for valuable conversations and knowledge exchange on enhancing digital participation.
  • June 17: NextGen Expo Scotland, showcasing the latest in digital developments from Scottish SMEs and global corporations, with Master Classes exploring issues from the challenges and opportunities of superfast broadband to smart city developments.
  • June 18: National Economic Forum, Professor Michael Fourman will present the Inquiry findings to Scotland’s National Economic Forum at its meeting in Edinburgh.
  • June 18: Cross Party Group on Digital Participation at the Scottish Parliament, with talks lined up from Community Broadband Scotland and Arqiva.
  • June 19: One Public Sector Scotland Expo 2014, which this year will look at various aspects of digitising public services, including digital transformation at city and country scale, data and innovation and digital dialogue.

Tickets are now also available for our Edinburgh Fringe Festival show ‘The Internet: A Human Right?‘ on 4 August. Part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas 2014 programme of events running at Stand in the Square (St Andrews Square), Professor Michael Fourman will lead a debate on the rights of individuals, corporations and governments in the digital society. Does everyone have the right to be included in the online world, or should we have the right to remain offline? Please come along and join in what will be a lively discussion.


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